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Antonio Vivaldi has influenced generations of young musicians, since he dedicated himself to music education. He spent over 30 years at the Ospedale della Pieta teaching children to play instruments, inspiring them to participate in the school choir and orchestra. Under his leadership the orchestra gained international reputation and visitors from all over Italy came to Venice to listen to its performances. The majority of Vivaldi's solo concertos was written for his students and the soloists of the ensemble. 

Since the rediscovery of Vivaldi's works in early 20th century his musical legacy has been not only a frequent program choice of prominent concert halls but also an integral part of instrumental education from beginners to professionals.

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In his later years of life Vivaldi experienced financial difficulties, his compositions started to lose popularity due to the change in musical taste in Venice. In 1728 he met in Trieste Charles VI, Holy Roman Emperor, who seemed to be very much impressed by Vivaldi´s music. The composer visited Vienna in 1730 and hoping for royal protection decided to emigrate there in 1740. He lived near the Kärntnertortheater, in that time the Imperial and Royal Theatre of Vienna. Unfortunately, Charles VI died shortly after Vivaldi`s arrival, which made trying for any help from the imperial court impossible. The composer died impoverished in 1741. The funeral took place at St. Stephen`s Cathedral. Antonio Vivaldi was buried in the place of the present Technical Institute.

Vivaldi the teacher

Connection with Vienna

Antonio Vivaldi - sculpture

Votivpark/Vienna (Roosevelt Square)

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