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Competition Results 2019

Among over 120 participants from 23 countries, the Jury has chosen the following prizewinners:

Piano, Category III

1st Prize: not awarded

2nd Prize (tie): Rafał Błaszczyk, Poland

Elisabeth Waglechner, Austria

3rd Prize: Yu Ning Chuang, China/Taiwan

Hyesil Kim, South Korea

Classic Prize: Elisabeth Waglechner, Austria

Honourable Mentions:

Zhongzhi Sun, China 

Baek Haram, South Korea 

Kuan Han Wu, China/Taiwan

String Instruments, Category III

1st Prize: Lorenz Karls  

2nd Prize (tie): Samuel Niederhauser, Switzerland

Eimi Wakui, Japan

3rd Prize (tie): Andreas Siles-Mellinger, Bolivia

Anna Skladannaya, Russia

Vivaldi Prize: Antonia Schöner, Austria 

Classic Prize: Lorenz Karls, Austria

Samuel Niederhauser, Switzerland

Piano, Category II

1st Prize (tie): Sofia Skladannaya, Russia

Haowen Gao, China

2nd Prize: not awarded

3rd Prize: Kayla Shen, USA

Classic Prize: Haowen Gao, China

String Instruments, Category II

1st Prize (tie): Viktoria MARINOVA, Bulgaria

Natalia Wojciechowska, Poland

2nd Prize (tie): Kimura Wakana, Japan

Xue Er Wu, China

Maria Clara Mandolesi, Italy

3rd Prize (tie): Maiko Ohno, Japan

Jiachen Cao, China

Selina Staeheli, Switzerland/Japan

Piano, Category I

1st Prize (tie): Calissa Poon, China/Hong Kong

Zheng Li, China

2nd Prize (tie): Clarisse Poon, China/Hong Kong

Claire Wang, UK

3rd Prize (tie): Jana Jovanova, North Macedonia

Ching Man Chan, China/Hong Kong

Classic Prize: Lin Chen, China

String Instruments, Category I

1st Prize: Shiori Shibasaki, Japan

2nd Prize: Jacob Cheng, Singapore

3rd Prize (tie): Zhenlin Yu, China

Yani Hou, China

Classic Prize: Julita Yin Ching Lo, Hong Kong

Elana Zhang, Canada

Special Prize for the youngest contestant: Matthias Chalier, Austria

The Jury and our team congratulate all the prize winners!

Solo performacne in Cologne with the WDR Funkhausorchester: Lorenz Karls


Solo performances in Passau and Landshut with the Niederbayerische Philharmonie: Samuel Niederhauser


3 piano recitals in Guangdong/China: Haowen Gao, Zheng Li, Calissa Poon

scholarship for participation at Youth Music Tour Vienna master classes 2020: Anna Skladannaya

open master class participants: Elisabeth Waglechner, Rafal Blaszczyk, Antonia Schöner, Lorenz Karls

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